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4th Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme: Programmatic Trader
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Company Info
iProspect Hong Kong Limited

Web: www.iProspect.com/en/hk

Programmatic Trader


Job Category:

New Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing



Employment Type:

Full time



Job Description:

Role Purpose
AMNET, the trading desk of Dentsu Aegis Network is looking for a Programmatic Trader to join the Asia operations team based in Singapore. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, eager to learn, well-organized and hands-on individual with prior experience in both the planning and buying of online media (CPM, CPC and CPA) campaigns. The individual should be self-motivated and have the capability to operate independently while being part of a team, with the ability to meet tight deadlines. SEM campaign strategy and management experience is a plus.  The candidate will possess strong analytical skills and experience in managing and executing online media buys while ensuring they achieve the metrics/goals.

Key Accountabilities
  • Work collaboratively with Account Management and agency teams to evaluate client needs with regards to their advertising objectives and goals, and to coordinate successful delivery of campaigns
  • Implement digital media buys (CPM, CPC, CPA) while maintaining budget control throughout entire process
  • Monitor and manage performance of campaigns and perform optimization on a daily basis and where necessary
  • Prepare Media Plans based on briefs submitted by clients
  • Be highly organized and effectively manage all the details associated with media campaigns
  • Generate weekly reports outlining campaign performance
  • Providing post launch analysis and recommendations for future campaigns

Job Requirements:

Personal Specification
(Personal attributes essential to performing role including competencies, expertise, knowledge)
  • BA/BS degree in related field or equivalent substantial work experience strongly preferred
  • Candidates with experience in Online Media Planning / Buying in the Performance Display Advertising space will have a distinct advantage
  • Meticulous with strong analytical skills and a keen interest in numbers
  • Consultative, with strong written and verbal communication, and presentation skills
  • Ability to diagnose campaign issues, create solutions, to communicate and recommend those solutions to others in an easy-to-understand format
  • Excellent time management with ability to manage multiple projects across several client engagements while meeting deadlines.  Able to work well under pressure and deliver exceptional results.
  • Media agency experience is a plus
  • Preference given to candidates with SE Asia market experience

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