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4th Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme: Digital Performance Executive
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Company Info
iProspect Hong Kong Limited

Web: www.iProspect.com/en/hk

Digital Performance Executive


Job Category:

Media Planning, Strategy and Buying



Employment Type:

Full time



Job Description:

· Assist Digital Media Planner in media planning and buying, and to handle campaign coordination and implementation
· Assist in Search Engine Marketing including keyword research, ad copies write up, trafficking, monitoring, optimization and reporting with insights
· Assist Digital Media Planner in media planning, and to handle media buying accordingly
· Develop good relationship with publishers
· Handle material coordination and trafficking with publishers / creative agencies / 3rd party ad serving vendors
· Develop post campaign report analysis for learning

Job Requirements:

· University graduate, Bachelor Degree holder in Communication/Business or relevant discipline is preferable but not a must.
· Independent, confident, pro-active and passionate
· Well organized multi-tasker, detail-minded and able to work under pressure
· Enthusiastic and keen to learn about media in Hong Kong, especially planning/buying online, mobile and any digital new media.
· Good English and interpersonal communication
· Good team player
· Interested in different technology
· Digital savvy
· Good PC skill , especially excel, powerpoint and internet operation, proficiency in the full suite of Microsoft Office tools Extremely detailed minded

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