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4th Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme: Digital Strategist Trainee
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Company Info
Webs S’up Production Co Ltd

Web: https://www.webssup.com/

Digital Strategist Trainee


Job Category:

Account Management and Servicing



Employment Type:

Full time



Job Description:

  • Plan, perform and optimize digital / social media marketing campaigns and branding web projects;
  • Monitor the status of the digital marketing campaigns, against KPIs and provide online reports and analysis on a regular basis;
  • Assist with new integrated online-offline marketing projects or new website development, from strategy planning to all roll out;
  • Work closely with production vendors, promotion partners, advertising and PR agencies on digital marketing and brand building activities;
  • Manage all creative projects and video content development campaigns;
  • Able to utilize a sizable HK/PRC VIP database for segmentation analysis and translate data reports into actionable insights for social CRM promotions

Job Requirements:

  • Degree holder in e-Marketing / Business / Marketing / New Media;
  • Experienced in Video production and good content management skills. Good art sense;
  • Bright, energetic, proactive, self-motivated, flexible and able to work under pressure;
  • Knowledge of digital platforms for marketing purposes and web technologies;
  • Good command of written and spoken English & Chinese; Mandarin is a must;
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and Web savvy

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